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Fume Chat

Oct 11, 2019

This week we're interview Fragrance expert, author and iconic perfume legend Michael Edwards. We talk with Michael about his career in the fragrance world, his new book Perfume Legends II and the future of the industry. It is, as one would expect, an enlightening discussion. 

You can find out more about Michael, his...

Oct 4, 2019

This week, Thomas and Nick are sniffing their favourite new discoveries from their recent trip to the Pitti Fragranze trade fair in Florence, Italy. There's some new launches, some new brands and some not-so-new stuff that's new to Fume Chat. 


Scents Sniffed (spoilers ahoy):

- Splendiris by Parfums Dusita
- La...

Sep 27, 2019

Ever wondered what makes a Fougère, well, a Fougère? Heck, have you ever even wonder what the word "Fougère" means? We have the answers! Thomas and Nick discuss the origins of this popular masculine fragrance family, sniff some of its iconic members and cast their noses over the materials that come together to make...

Sep 9, 2019

Online beauty and fragrance retailer Escentual sent us eight fragrance to smell absolutely blind. So that's what we did on this week's episode - we sniffed each fragrance completely out of context with no name, brief, concept, bottle, brand or anything else to guide us. Find out what we thought by tuning in!



Aug 30, 2019

This week, Thomas and Nick are taking listener's questions - queries that range from book recommendations to the phenomenon of copycat perfumes. It's an informative one, folks! If you want to ask us a question, drop us a line and we may answer it on a future episode.


Scents Sniffed (spoilers ahoy):

- Rose Smoke by...