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Fume Chat

Jan 1, 2020

In the final episode of Series Two, we are celebrating 2020 with a look back at the most important fragrances of the last decade. Which fragrances had the biggest impact? Which were the most beautiful? Which perfumes set the trends and what were the trends? Find out episode 16!


Scents Sniffed (spoilers ahoy):


Dec 31, 2019

It's New Years Eve and Thomas & Nick are looking back at the best launches of this year. This week we sniff our faves from 2019. 


Scents Sniffed (spoilers ahoy):

- 1957 by CHANEL
- Terror & Magnificence by BeauFort London
- Memoire d'Une Odeur by Gucci
- Copper by Comme des Garçons
- Gabrielle Essence by CHANEL

Dec 13, 2019

This week we are joined by Dimitri Weber, founder of Australian fragrance brand Goldfield & Banks. Dimitri talks us through his illustrious career in the fragrance industry, the inspirations behind his perfumes and how the country of Australia, and its materials, have brought a unique olfactory identity to Goldfield &...

Oct 25, 2019

How can we translate scent through a visual medium? With brands traditionally using print advertisements to market fragrance (with many iconic campaigns) and the rise of visual platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, is the way we look at scent more important? This week we're chatting with photographer David Newton to...

Oct 18, 2019

Remember when we said that we were no longer doing round-up episodes of new thing? Well, our inbox has been overflowing with new perfumes to smell, so this week, we're working our way through the backlog and sniffing exciting new launches from CHANEL, Dior, Byredo, Moschino and more..


Scents Sniffed (spoilers...